Press Conference held at Mumbai Press Club on 14.2.2024

This is the recording at the Press Conference held at Mumbai Press Club on 14.2.2024, between 3 pm – 5.30 pm.

At this the media were informed of the grievances of CHS – Mg. Committee affected citizens and the total inaction of Coop Registrar’s Officials in addressing their grievances.

Later the Chief Coordinator of CM’s CHS Cell arrived and media and citizens grilled him on the sad state of affairs.

He had nothing worthwhile to say other than that CM is appraised of the situation and that the latter is keen on addressing it. We shall try to resolve citizens problems gradually.

G R Vora (of Petition Group Foundation) informed him that rather than wasting resources on addressing the problems “one-by-one” he should impress upon the CM to put out a GR warning all Coop Registrar Dept officials (upto Coop Commr) to perform their duty as per law and those who do not do so will have to face stringent disciplinary action.


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