Mumbai’s Elderly Peoples Worried about Deputy Registrar

“आपली सरकार-आपले द्वार” में जनता को बैठने की जगह नही👆🏻कहां है मुंबई में डेप्युटी रजिस्टार कार्यालय में फाइलों का पहाड़ ?? शिवसेना CHS सेल के हेमंत खांडेकर ने ली ख़बर

4 Replies to “Mumbai’s Elderly Peoples Worried about Deputy Registrar”

  1. Lancy Norbert Menezes

    There has to be directive “strict order” from the Cooperative Housing Minister and the CMO to the Chief Registrars, Registrars, Joint Registrars and Deputy Registrars to follow the bye-laws and the MCS rules/guidelines and act accordingly within maximum a month. Corrupt and incompetent personnel in the CHS Registrar Offices should be dismissed with immediate effect.


    Time frame compliance for department is the need of the hour. Moreover effective digitalisation plus punishment for non compliance to the officers is strictly implemented

  3. Reshama

    We demand justice on merits and in accordance with law
    Registrar are rampantly violating laws and this is against his official duty
    Authority must take cognizance and punish these public servants who are absusing their quasi judicial powers.

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