False FIR (First Information Report)

As you may be well aware, that the Incidents of False FIR and False Cases against Activists and Complainants and Innocents are increasing day by day.

We need to compile all such cases registered so far.

So if a False Case has been registered against you or someone known to you then kindly provide us the following details for further action.

Kindly do not enter only Single Character such as M, K, D, etc… in First Name and Last Name.
For example: 101/2020 or 101 of 2020.
For example: IPC 354, 506, 507 etc…
For example: 10/12/2018 or 10 December 2018
For example: Malvani Police Station, Mumbai.
Objectives of the group and instructions for every member of Petition Group WhatsApp group :–

The objectives of this group are :—

1. To convey our concerns to our public representatives and public servants in whichever way possible.

2. To seek guidance of experts and fellow activists on governance issues and on issues in the larger public interest.

3. Strive to demand transparency and accountability in the governance process.

4. Network with fellow activists and support them to the best of our ability.

Instructions :–

A) Kindly post messages related to governance issues only.

B) Avoid greetings, jokes, religious discourses, foul words, criticism of fellow activists or messages which may cause communal disharmony, promoting or praising any politician / political party or other frivolous messages unrelated to our objectives of strengthening our Democracy.

C) It is expected that you, as a member of this group gain knowledge and share experience/expertise with fellow group members by reading & posting appropriate messages.

D) It is expected from every group member that he/she does not remain a mute spectator in this group but supports / guides other fellow members by way of sharing knowledge, experience or supporting others in their times of need by being with them at appropriate place or providing financial assistance etc, as the situation demands to the best of one’s ability.

E) Kindly respond to Admins’ messages as and when called upon in a reasonable period of time.

F) Do not post pics/videos depicting violence.

G) In case pics, documents, audio/video clips etc are posted by you on the group then kindly give a brief gist about it along with the message for others to understand and react.

H) If it is felt that any of the above conditions are not being fulfilled by the member, then he/she would be removed from the group without notice.

P.S. :-
1. This group does not guarantee that your problem will be solved or that you would receive full support when you require. All our members have their own limitations.

2. Though we all may be affiliated to or have an inclination towards a particular politician / a political party, those who are blind followers of either of above are requested to exit this group.)

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