CHS Videos

Title: FAQ’s on Deemed Conveyance

Speaker: CA. Ramesh S. Prabhu, Chairman, MahaSewa
Title: Role of Registrar and Need for an affordable cloud software to manage every function in a society

Speaker: Mr. K. Udayshankar
Title: Procedure for Recovery and Expulsion of a CHS member for various reasons

Speaker: Mr. K. Udayshankar

Presentation: 01 / 02
Title: Webinar on “Appointment of Administrator” and “Importance of effective Communication channels in the societies”

Speaker(s): Mr.K. Udayshankar (Expert in CHS) and Rajesh Gurnani (NoBrokerHood) MahaSeWA and MNS-Media News Service
Title: Seminar on Housing Society Redevelopment

Speaker: Mr. Vijay Samant
Title: Redevelopment & Self Redevelopment
of Co Operative Housing Society

Speaker(s): Mr. K Udayshankar and Mr. Vijay Samant